GO Guide Amplified

The Go-Guide Amplified system is an innovative and proven tourist audioguide-system for boats, busses and other verhicles.

Our wifi audioguided system is developed in such a way that it enables tourists have a guided tour via the speakers in languages of choice. The audio is automatically played based and triggered on GPS coordinates. It’s a flexible solution and very easy to use.

The GO Guide Amplified solution consists of a central unit with (touch)screen, that offers the audio via speakers to the tourists. The skipper or driver can easily select routes and languages by using a simple interface optimized for touchscreens. The selected languages are played in consecutive order automatically when passing a spot.

Unique to the system is that a route is not bound to a specific order. When deviating from a route or when a different route is being driven, the right audio will be played when passing a spot, independent from the order. It can also be used as a media player for music between a guided tour.

GO Guide has many years of experience with tour/audio guide systems. With in-house developed software we deliver a flexible and cost efficient solution for canal boats and busses.

“It can also be used as a mediaplayer for music between a guided tour”

Main characteristics 

  • easy to use for staff
  • plays video automatically on GPS basis 
  • remote update and content management system
  • easy to install into a bus or boat 
  • low maintenance costs
  • development of content by our team if required
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Optionally we can provide the total project management for integration of the system.

Featured projects


For the canal cruise company De Zilvermeeuw in Drimmelen (Biesbosch) we installed our Go-Guide Amplified system at one of their cruise ships.

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