For The Rotterdam Tourist Group we implemented a GO Guide Video system at their Pancake boat touring the harbour of Amsterdam. The Pancake boat offers all-you-can-eat pancakes – a famous Dutch treat-  while making a tour in the harbour of Amsterdam. Our client wanted to offer the visitors of the pancake boat information of the different highlights during their one hour tours in the harbour of Amsterdam.  Important is that the passengers during the tour are enjoying their pancakes and drinks, and the company of family and friends, so a standard full guided tour on speakers or headsets was not a good option.

For the Pancake boat we came up with a tailor-made solution: our video guide system informs the passengers about the sights during their cruise in the port of Amsterdam by video images played on 4 strategically placed flatscreens in the boat. The video guide shows video clips of the past and present of the harbor, its landmarks and of the city of Amsterdam. The videos have subtitles in both Dutch and English are played automatically triggered by GPS coordinates. This way we created together with our client an enhanced experience for the visitors of the Pancake Boat.