For the canal cruise company De Zilvermeeuw in Drimmelen (Biesbosch) we installed our GO Guide Amplified system at one of their cruise ships. What makes such a cruise with the Zilvermeeuw extra special are the stories of skipper Gert. No one knows so many stories of the Biesbosch as skipper Gert does. He can guide these tours like no other and can be heard a few times a week during the boat trips in the Biesbosch. Besides implementing our Amplified system we also supported our client taping the stories of Gert, recorded with his own voice on audio. As a result, these wonderful stories can now be heard during all the scheduled cruises, even if Gert himself is not at the helm. It’s great that now all the passengers are able to enjoy these tours guided by Gert. We are happy to support our client with these tours in the Biesbosch area in this way.